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Medical Marijuana Compliance

Although New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut now permit medicinal use of cannabis (a.k.a. marijuana), for patients and caretakers seeking to avail themselves of this right, and for medical professionals and businesses trying to serve these individuals, the laws can be daunting and complex and compliance can be particularly challenging.

At Newman Ferrara LLP, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the legal and regulatory hurdles in this quickly evolving area. With our ability to draw from extensive experience in diverse practice areas, the firm brings a multi-faceted approach, delivering legal and consulting services, catered to our clients' specific needs.

Such services include:

  • Real Estate Leasing & Acquisitions
  • Business Formation & Corporate Governance
  • Civil Rights & Employment Disputes
  • Licensing & Registration
  • Trademark & Intellectual Property Protection
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Litigation
  • Advocacy

If you currently are, or may become, a patient, caretaker, medical professional, grower, dispensary, or an ancillary business that needs assistance or have a question involving your rights contact Newman Ferrara LLP – a firm at the forefront of this dynamic practice area.