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On Monday, August 7, 2023, the City of White Plains Common Council voted to approve a $5 million settlement of a lawsuit which had been filed after the death of 68-year-old Marine Corps veteran, Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.

Mr. Chamberlain was shot and killed in his apartment, on November 19, 2011, after an hours-long standoff which began when police responded to the accidental activation of Mr. Chamberlain’s medical alert device. Even though Mr. Chamberlain repeatedly asserted he was not in need of assistance, and that there was no credible concern of a risk of harm to a third party, the officers forcibly pried open the door to his apartment, taunted the senior, called him a racial slur, and eventually used a sledgehammer to bring down the door. Once the door fell, a Sergeant fired a “bean bag” shotgun some four times – each shot equal to the force of a Mike Tyson punch. Officers then entered the apartment and shot and killed the elderly man.

Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., who has been leading the fight on his father's behalf, stated that, “While monetary compensation is one component of recognizing the wrong that was done to my father, it does not equate to accountability. My family hopes this settlement will inspire other victims of police violence to keep fighting for the truth. The Chamberlain family will never stop seeking answers and standing with other families doing the same.”

Debra Cohen, Co-Chair of the Civil Rights Practice Group at Newman Ferrara LLP, added, “We have been honored to stand with the Chamberlain family for over the last twelve years and know that Ken Chamberlain, Jr. will continue to pursue his efforts for police reform, transparency, and accountability.”

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Mr. Chamberlain, Jr.'s interview with ABC7 NY follows:

And you'll find the entire Eyewitness News coverage here: City of White Plains agree to $5 million settlement with family of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. - ABC7 New York (abc7ny.com)

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