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BUSINESS TODAY NEWS -- an online publication -- provides “comprehensive and insightful coverage of the latest business news, trends, and practices.” And recently, it released a list of the ”Top 10 Most Influential Real Estate Litigation Lawyers in New York, 2023.” (Guess who made the cut?)

The article notes:

“In the world of commercial real estate, litigation is a common and inevitable facet. The diverse range of complexities, from tenant disputes to land use matters, necessitate the expertise of highly skilled litigators. In New York, home to some of the world’s most iconic real estate, we find attorneys who are at the top of their field in real estate litigation. This article focuses on some of these leading lawyers, their professional experience, and what peers and clients say about their competence and dedication.

With hundreds of legal minds navigating the waters of real estate litigation, what sets the following individuals apart is their impressive body of work, extensive experience, and the reputation they have built within the industry. Their expertise spans the gamut of real estate matters – be it luxury residential cases, landlord and tenant class action cases, or New York City land use matters.

Providing an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of New York’s complex real estate law framework and hands-on experience, these lawyers offer a broad range of services, often making the difference between success and failure in high-stake real estate litigation ….

1 Lucas A. Ferrara

2 Janice Mac Avoy

3 Paul M O’Connor III

4 Jennifer Recine

5 Adrienne B. Koch

6 Mark Walfish

7 Adam Leitman Bailey

8 Jeffrey L Braun

9 David M. Skaller

10 Ronald Greenberg”

Congratulations to all the selectees. I have had the pleasure and honor to work with many of them over the years. And it is certainly a great privilege to be grouped with them all.

You can find the entire article here: https://businesstoday.news/top-10-most-influential-real-estate-litigation-lawyers-in-new-york-2023/


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