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Squicciarini v. City of Yonkers, et al.

The firm represents 23 year old Yonkers resident Danny Squicciarini. The complaint alleges that in April 2011 Mr. Squicciarini was in his car in a grocery store parking lot when two men in an unmarked S.U.V. blocked him in, ordered him out of his car and illegally searched his vehicle. The complaint alleges that Mr. Squicciarini, believing the two men to be Yonkers police officers, went immediately to the local police precinct to file a complaint against them. The desk sergeant refused to allow Mr. Squicciarini to file a complaint because he did not know the names of the two officers, even after Mr. Squicciarini advised him that he had a description of the vehicle they were driving and its license plate number. Five months later, the same two officers approached Mr. Squicciarini in another Yonkers parking lot and expressed their displeasure over his previous attempt to file a complaint against them. Mr. Squicciarini was subjected to a "pat down" and his car again illegally searched. After finding one unlit marijuana cigarette in the car, the officers arrested Mr. Squicciarini, handcuffed him and transported him to the city jail. His requests to use the bathroom were refused until, after approximately two hours in custody, he was forced to remove all of his clothes and submit to a full strip search prior to being released with an appearance ticket. The lawsuit names the City of Yonkers, the Yonkers Police Department, and individual officers involved in the incidents.

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