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Hardwick v. Geno Auriemma, et al.

The firm represents Kelley Hardwick, a law school graduate and former NYPD undercover narcotics detective, who has filed a lawsuit against Coach Geno Auriemma, USA Basketball, and the NBA for gender discrimination arising out of an incident in Russia in 2009. In particular, the complaint alleges that while at an international basketball tournament in Russia in 2009, Auriemma, the U.S. women's basketball coach, stalked, then attempted to grab and kiss Ms. Hardwick while at a hotel where the team was staying. When his advances were rebuffed, the complaint alleges that Auriemma retaliated against Ms. Hardwick by, inter alia, demanding that the NBA remove her as a director of security for the U.S. women's team at the London Olympics in 2012. Ms. Hardwick had previously travelled with the Olympic team to all summer games from 2004 to 2008.

The complaint further alleges that Ms. Hardwick provided her supervisors at the NBA with a list of witnesses who were aware of Auriemma's actions toward Ms. Hardwick in 2009, but no one at the NBA investigated the claims, or interviewed the witnesses. In addition, according to the complaint, Ms. Hardwick was paid less than her male counterparts with similar job titles and experience, and alleges that she has run into the NBA's "glass ceiling."

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