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July/August 2012, Issue 69
Upper East Side Trash
Pants on Fire!
Sweet Little Lies
No Mother Theresa?
Hell in a Bucket
We Get Letters
Wanna Light?
Etched in Stone?
And the Survey Says...
Sis Boom Bah!
It's All About the Beer
Fall Foul
A Woman For All Seasons
No Way To Treat A Lady
Not Stepping On Her
Henne Pecked?
A Bit Too Spicy
In Case Of Emergency
A Mind On Drugs
Piping Hot
Lacking Grace?
Was This By Design?
Don't Make A Habit Of It
Low Rent?
Trouble... Trouble, Trouble...
Yard Sale!
McCann's Can

May/June 2012, Issue 68
Tower Of Error?, p. 1
The Scarlet Letter
Monkey Suit?, p. 2
An Epiphany
Something Amiss
How Liberal Are We?
Come Fly Away, p. 3
Doctor's Orders
Some Policy
The Gang's All Here, p. 4
Booze Talk
The Epistle Of Barnabas
Oh Amaya!
Equus, p. 5
He Wasn't Going Down
Promises, Promises
Not In The Interest Of Full Disclosure
Upstairs, Downstairs
The Wong Wife, p. 6
Not A Care In The World
Step In Time
On The "To-Do?"
Try Nursing This, p. 7
Playing Hookey
Where Will He Park It?
Let Me See Your Hands
Low Blow!, p. 8

March/April 2012, Issue 67
So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye, p. 1
Insane In Da Membrane
Oh Babylon, Lost Babylon, p. 2
Department Of Indiscretion?
We Get Letters
Always Use Protection, p. 3
Fees Shopping
Emancipation Proclamation
Chip Off The Old, p. 4
Painting The Town...
Gun Shy?
Son Of A Gun
Hello, Newman!
Courtney Chenette, p. 5
Who's For Horton?, p. 6
Much Ado About Nothing?, p. 7
Knuckle Heads
The Day The Music Died?
Silence Of The Lam
Tarantuls' Tarantella, p. 8

January/February 2012, Issue 66
Dive!, p. 1
A Scalding Outcome
No Bashing The Bishop, p. 2
A Cake Walk
Once On This Island, p. 3
The House Always Wins
Not Over Easy
A Standing Invitation , p. 4
No Burning This Wyche
How Exotic?
Scissors Grip
s Seen In Forbes, p. 5
Stop, In The Name Of Love, p. 6
From Here To Eternity
What About The Children?
Blind Eye?, p. 7
Is This UnAmerican?
A Matter Of Seventeen Seconds
Missed The Bus?
Once The Water Recedes, p.8

November/December 2011, Issue 65
An Interesting Outlook, p. 1
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?
Simply Irresistible, p. 2
Calling The Tooth Fairy
License To Bill
Little Shop Of Horrors, p. 3Motel Melee
It's Personal
They Beat The Rap, p. 4
Down The Hatch
File This!
Newman Ferrara LLP, p. 5
That House Is Not A Home
An International Incident?, p. 6
Dialing It In?
Depitted?, p. 7
Some Guaranty
No Insuring Against This
Buggin' Out
Season's Greetings, p. 8

September/October 2011 , Issue 64
No Leggett To Stand On, P.1
Not In Like Flynn? p. 2
Fast and Furious
Who's The Bully, Now?
Hu's On First?, p. 3
Stay Right Whre You Are
Admission Impossible
Making Sense of Nonsense, p.4
Innocence Lost
We Got Letters
No Bickering, Pickering, p.5
How To--
False Sense of Security?
It Takes Two, Baby
Abandon Ship!, p.6
Don't Press Your Luck
An Educational Experience?
Cut Dimond
This Must Have Been A Nag, p. 7
Taken For A Ride
I'm At A Loss
ADP Gets Worked Up
Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls, p.8

July/August 2011, Issue 63
His Mother's Son, p. 1
Cleaning House
All Bound Up
No Good Deed ..., p. 2
The Results Are In
Tour De Smithtown?
No Mystery Here
The D.A.'s Got No Appeal, p. 3
Like Fish?
What Do You See?
This Is Funky, p. 4
A Fractured Result
Legends Of The Fall
Deputy Negligent?
Doggone Suspicious, p. 5
Dr. No, No, No
Dreading Treadmills, p.6
Feel The Heat?
A Poke In The Eye
Go Figure, p. 7
Making Sense Of Nonsense
Fingered!, p. 8

May/June 2011 Issue 62
Really Super?, p. 1
Dead Woman Signing
What A Waste!
Mothers On Trial, p. 2
Was She Wronged?
And Here's To You...., p. 3
Not Into Being Mobile
Anchor Away
What About Obama?, p. 4
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes?
Just Like Every Night Has Its Dawn
... Trix Are For Kids
No Knight In Shining Armor?, p.5
Cease And Desist
How Rude!
Too Old For This, p. 6
Wanna Play?
Taking Custody
Stormesy Weather, p. 7
The Gittins Not Good
Would You Believe?
Oh, Heavens!
No Universal Liability, p. 8

March/April 2011, Issue 61
Over Easy?, p. 1
Freshly Squeezed?
Tenancy Extinguished
Share Moments..., p. 2
Deserted Island?
Going Bed Buggy, p. 3
A Hard Day's Night
XX Rated?, p. 4
Stage Plight?
This Certainly Degenerated
Little Lies?
Wheel Of Fortune?, p. 5
Some Misstep
The Mold And The Beautiful
A Hollywood Stunt Rider, p. 6
Head Over Heels?
Escrow, Anyone?
Shop 'Til You Drop?
Thank Heaven For 7-Eleven?, p. 7
This Jenee Ain't Staying In Her Bottle
Rumpole Of The Bailey
No Show!
Agina Is A Choking Pain, p. 8

January/February 2011, Issue 60
Where's The Plus?, p. 1
Crossed Wires
No Cheeseburger For You!
Hands Off!, p. 2
Look What He Whipped Up
Phantom Pickpocket?
Far From Sterling, p. 3
Articles Of Disorganization
Forced To Face Facts
No Child Left Behind?, p. 4
No Seeing Green
Sour Grapes?
Snooze, You Lose
It Can Happen to You, p. 5
It's A Little Chilly
Plea Pressure?, p. 6
Oh, Behave!
Juror Juggling
This Land Is Your Land ...
Talk About Being Disgruntled, p. 7
Now This Is An Overcharge!
Racket Ruckus
Come On, Baby ...
Happy New Year!, p. 8
Never A Borrower ...

November/December 2010, Issue 59
No Keeping Taillie?, p. 1
Made To Be Broken?
21 Reasons Not To Pay Tax, p. 2
Ask And Ye Shall Receive?
In The Pink?
Don't Be Tardy For The Party
An Unsuccessful Succession Claim, p. 3
Some Custody Battle
... As A Rock
Fenced In, p. 4
My Cousin Freddie?
Thank You For Being A Friend
If You Can't Take The Heat ...
Traumatic Tenancy, p. 5
Movin' On Up!
Low Income, High Value?
New York's Highest?, p. 6
Weed Whacker?
A Wrotten Result
No Room For Error?
So It Is Written, p. 7
Pick A Number ...
It's About Time
It's Raining Men ...
Holiday Cheer, p. 8

September/October 2010 Issue 58
Parks, Recreation And Recruitment, p. 1
Rita Fitzsimmons Had A Farm ...
Time Expired?
No Insuring This, pg. 2
Cuts Like A Knife, Because It Is
Forced Wellness
She Worked Hard for Her Money
Navigating Rough Waters, p. 3
Swim Team Show Down
Rescue Gone Bad
All Night Long, p. 4
Caution: No Warning
Doomes' Day
Swing Loews
Being There, p. 5
Clause Gives Pause
In The Black?
Love And Marriage
Wrong Claim, Wrong Time, p. 6
Deep-Fried Disaster
Real Spec Got Fake Mortgage
What's A Dollar Or Eight?
Taking A Bite Out Of Crime, p. 7
How Shaydie Was This?
He Who Would Climb The Ladder
Not Saved By The Bell?
Return To Sendar!, p. 8

July-August 2010 Newsletter Issue 57
Contractually Infirm, p. 1
Death-Defying Deal
A Cane Mutiny, p. 2
A Perfect Ten?
Defying Gravity
By Concealed, Did You Mean Obvious?, p. 3
Case Clogged
A Gift From The Beyond
Too Drunk to Drive?, p. 4
Met Life Rumble
Now Behave
Not Funny
"It's Strictly Business", p. 5
On The Bottom Rung?
Who Stole The Cookies From the Cookie Jar?
Not Into Cleveland
Guy Gets Slammed, p. 6
Senior Moment?
Camara Never Saw This Cumming
Music To Whose Ears?, p. 7
Unsettled Score
We Didn't Start The Fire
The Butlers Did It
Bamisile's Backside Bummer, p. 8

May-June 2010 Newsletter Issue 56
Out Of Bounds, pg. 1
Let The Sun Shine In
Ashes to Ashes, Dollars to Dust
Non-Designing Woman, pg. 2
Consuming Beers
Lost In Space
A Not-So-Secret Board Meeting, pg. 3
Holy Cow!
Not a Muppet Show
What Did You Say to Momma?
A Hot Flash?, pg. 4
Hot Pocket?
Ain't Life Unkind?
Dirty Doc?
Conditioned Control, pg. 5
Pistol Whipped?
Transfusion Confusion
Peaks and Valleys Girls
In The Out Exit, pg. 6
Credit or Debit?
A Thorne In The Side?
A Scarring Experience
Acknowledging Receipts, pg. 7
Relax, It's Fedex
Power Saw Massacre
Armed And Evicted
A Speculative Eviction?, pg. 8

March/April 2010 Newsletter Issue 55
The More Things Change ...
OK for O'Shea, pg. 1
We Get Letters, pg. 2
Dock Dispute
Antenna Dilemma
The Sky Was Falling
A Shakespearean Tragedy, pg. 3
Problem Pizza
Open But Not So Obvious
Fire And Ice, pg. 4
Bow, Wow!
A Dead Issue
Good Doggie?
Not Falling For It, pg. 5
No, He Did It!
No Prison Break
Can You Hear The Drums, Fernando?
Some Stunner, pg. 6
Six Feet Under?
No Fetsching A Mint
You're Not Being The Ball, Louis
Timber!, pg. 7
We've Moved!, pg. 8

Nov/Dec 2009 Newsletter
The Strawberry Slide?, pg. 1
Batting 1000?
We Didn't Start The Fire, pg. 2
When You Ain't Got No Money,
You Gotta Get An Attitude
Muddy Waters, pg. 3
Did She Have Substantial
A Guaranty Only Goes So Far
Dog-Eat-Dog World, pg. 4
Not Quite In The Bag
La Vida Loca
Bringing Down The House
A Blockbuster Day, pg. 5
The Guy Had No Appeal
Tweet, Tweet!, pg. 6
Slip N' Slide
No Walk In the Park
Guy Gets The Plank
Hard Of Hearing?, pg. 7
A Poole Of Blood?
Seasons Greetings, pg. 8

Sept/Oct 2009 Newsletter
(In)Security Deposit, pg. 1
Tenant's Wining Is Over
Brown Out, pg. 2
Brown Goes Down
Does This Reek?, pg. 3
A Home Run?
AT2 Shows Mortgage Broker The Money
No Joy Ride, pg. 4
AD2 Picks It Up
Rent, pg. 5
Warranty Claim Floods Over
The Price Of Procrastination
One Step At A Time!, pg. 6
Oily Garage Damages
A Short Stop
How Safe Was the Safety Security Box?, pg. 7
A Shareholder Clash
Motorcycle Mania Mooted
Condo Rules, pg. 8

July-August 2009 Newsletter
Did AD2 Get The Point?, p. 1
Kyprianides's Ark
Mixed-Up Foreclosed, p. 2
Tenant Gets Burned
Preserving Property Takings, p. 3
No Illegal Parking
Payment Optional?
A Little Thing Got In the Way, p. 4
No Recovery For This Group
Lofty Expectations?
An Electrifying Easement, p. 5
A Colorado State Of Mind
How Incredible Is This?
Family Feud: Contract Style, p. 6
Bridgework to Nowhere?
What's Up, Dock?
Limo Service Gets Hacked, p. 7
Tenant Evades Default
Case Drowns
Tag!, p. 8

May-June 2009 Newsletter
A Sticky Icky Blaze?, p. 1
Couple Cleans Up After Explosion
If You Fall Off This Roof, Don't Get Back On!, p. 2
Court Lifts Plaintiff From Crane Collapse
Who's Not A Fan Of This?
Woman Sues Over Special Ingredient, p. 3
Caddy Shack
Slip-N-Slide To Nowhere
How Would You Interpret This?
Try Converting This, p. 4
The AD4 Delivers!
How Inconspicuous Was This?
It's Still My House!, p. 5
Was Justice Disposed?
L ... O ... S ... E ... R!
Diner Avoids Getting Forked, p. 6
Watch Your Step!
California, Here I Come
Spilt ..., p. 7
My Son Can Beat Up Yours!
Lengthy Duration Clogs Case
I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!, p. 8

March-April 2009 Newsletter
Who Holds Unsold Shares, p. 1
Why Pay Rent?, p. 2
Who Let Him In?
Tenant Gets Swept Out
There's Gold In Them Clauses, p. 3
Get Out Of Here!
What's "Positive Drainage?", p. 4
Contempt For Boaters
Keep On Truckin'
An Aggressive Victim?, p. 5
Try Sticking To The Script!
A Race To Disaster
Didn't You Want To Sell Me That?, p.6
An Innocent Law-Breaker?
Going, Going ... Not Gone!
Residential Tenant Gets Yellowstone, p. 7
Not-So-Slippery Slope
Would You Reject This?
AD3 Allows Easement's Modification, p. 8

January-February 2009 Newsletter
There's No Comparison, p. 1
Not a Very Tastee Outcome, p. 2
Will It Float?
Seller Wasn't Liable For Flooding
Tenant Protections In A Soft Market, p. 3
"Delete This Immediately!"
HUD Regulation Unconstitutional, p. 5
How Did The AD1 Profit From This?
This Much Can Be Told, p. 6
Why Wasn't This Senior Evicted?, p. 7
Joan Crawford's Torch Song?
No License, No Commission
Bridal Wars, p. 8

November/December 2008 Newsletter
What Was Paschal's Theory?, p. 1
AT2 Gives Psychic Power, p. 1
Isn't This A Governmental Function?, p. 2
Can't Slip On Stuff That Ain't There!, p. 2
Nightmare On Elm Street, p. 2
Streetcar Named "Constitutionally Deficient", p. 3
All In the Family?, p. 3
How Rambunctious Were They?, p. 4
Leashless In Douglaston, p. 4
Jarred Kassenoff Returns!, p. 5
Who Pets an Angry Dog?, p. 5
This Pooch Wouldn't Be Ignored, p. 5
Down Payment Gets Returned, p. 6
Village People Have A Say, p. 6
Offices Ain't For Sleeping, p. 6
A Portuguese Restoration?, p. 6
This Disconnect Cost Millions, p. 7
Look HowThis Case Fanned Out, p. 7

September-October 2008 Newsletter
Building Gone Wild!, p. 1
Float Like A Butterfly!, p.1
How Does A Lease Affect A Property's Value?, p. 2
Family Feud!, p. 2
When's A Dorm A Dorm?, p. 3
Who's The Village Idiot?, p.3
No Rent For Illegal Multiple Dwelling, p. 4
"Storm In Progress" Bars Recovery, p. 4
AD2 Says: Landlords Need Not Mitigate, p. 4
Run With The Land, p. 5
A "Good Samaritan" Gets Sued, p. 7
Epsom Wasn't Responsible For Injury, p. 7
Steak Sauce Scandal, p. 8

July-August 2008 Newsletter
Kiss This Sanatass!, p.1
Was This Professional?, p.1
Is A "Water Bill" A Tax?, p. 2
Was It Right Under Their Nose(s)?, p. 2
Downpayment Lost Due To Default, p. 3
Broker Out Of Commission, p. 3
Help Gets Paid, p. 3
Where Does A "Homeless" Person Primarily Reside?, p. 4
Welcome Our New Partner, Glenn H. Spiegel, p. 5
Church Adversely Possessed?, p. 5
Changes to "Adverse Possession" Enacted, p. 5
Management Company Wasn't Liable, p. 6
Unlicensed Landscaper Gets Mulched, p. 6
Our Newest Associate, Glenn Berezanskiy, p. 6
There's No Raining On Bloomingdale's Parade, p. 7
What Happens When Lawyer Has Alzheimer's?, p. 7
You Don't Get It, If You Can't Perform, p. 7
The AD1 Doesn't Deliver, p. 8

June 2008 Newsletter
Attorney "Automatically Disbarred" For Mortgage Fraud, p.1
Jenny Exhausts Her Luck, p.1
AD2 Revisits Yellowstone, p. 2
Do You Suffer From Insomnia?, p. 2
Why Machetes Aren't Good For Evictions, p. 3
Was The Elevator Running?, p. 3
Something To Chew On?, p. 3
Whose Sidewalk Is It?, p. 4

May 2008 Newsletter
How Accommodating Was This?, p. 1
It Ain't Adverse If You Offer to Buy!, p. 2
When Time Is "Of The Essence", p. 3
Condo Owners Liable For Work, p. 3
An Uninvited Party, p. 4

April 2008 Newsletter
No Destabilizing Rent Stabilization, p. 1
Who Will Be Evicted?, p. 1
Month-To-Month Tenant Gets Zonked, p. 2
Is It 3 Or 6 Years?, p. 3
What Happened To The Food?, p. 3
Don't Step On This Grass, p. 3
A Hole To Avoid, p. 4

March 2008 Newsletter
James Bond: License To Sue, p. 1
How Disastrous Is Intro 627?, p. 2
Welcome: Alfonso DeCicco, p. 2
Service Was Not A Family Affair, p. 3
Woman Keeps Apartment (Despite Being Married To A Jerseyite), p. 4

February 2008 Newsletter
What's The Poop?, p. 1
When Are Fines Excessive?, p. 2
When J-51 Expires, Stabilization May Be Lost, p. 3
Treble Rent Was Unenforceable Penalty, p. 3
Tenant Who Abated Nuisance Got No Fees, p. 4

January 2008 Newsletter
"Heat & Hot Water Cases" Take A Dip, p. 1
"The Earth Was Not Good", p. 2
Don't Squat On Me!, p. 2
Surrender?, p. 3
Roach Takes Appeal And Wins, p. 3
Downtown Manhattan Gets Down, p. 4

December 2007 Newsletter
Guy Almost Gets Evicted By In-Laws, p. 1
When Lease Is Silent, Landlord Has "Reasonable Time", p. 2
Daniel Finkelstein Celebrates 80th Year, p. 2
Jagger Evicted For Being An Alien, p. 3
Spitzer Calls Proposed Law "Radical", p. 3
Season's Greetings!, p. 4

November 2007 Newsletter
Sister Evicted for Not Beating Clock, p. 1
Subtenant Couldn't Exercise Option, p. 2
Landlord Gets a $361K Haircut!, p. 2
Tree Wells Ain't Part of Sidewalk?, p. 3
Despite Win, Tenant Denied Fees, p. 3
Road Less Traveled?, p. 3
A LuLu of a Case, p. 4

October 2007 Newsletter
Is Eminent Domain Losing its Eminence?, p. 1
We've Got A Super Lawyer!, p. 2
Letter to the Editor, p. 2
Where Was She Hiding for 9 Years?, p. 3
No Claim for Negligent Waxing?, p. 3
Tenant Evicted for Denying Access, p. 4

September 2007 Newsletter
New York City Defeats India, p. 1
You Can't Trust Lawyers, p. 2
Decloaking Co-Op Boards, p. 3
No Renewal? Begone!, p. 4

August 2007 Newsletter
Bridges of Schenectady County, p.1
A Worthless Deed?, p. 2
This Cuervo Ain't Golden, p. 2
Will Change to Adverse Possession Law Make A Difference?, p. 3
"Shockingly Foul Odors" Get Tenant Evicted, p. 3
One Too Many Mobile Homes...., p. 4

July 2007 Newsletter
Beware of Flying Air Conditioners!, p. 1
No Glass-Blowing In My Back Yard!, p. 2
What Does "Full Market Value" Mean?, p. 2
Hosing Your Home Improvement Contractor, p. 3
Not A Day Of The Condor, p. 3
No More Cannon Fire in Harlem?, p. 4

June 2007 Newsletter
Why Red and Green?, p. 1
Wrongful Eviction Spells "T.r.o.u.b.l.e.", p. 2
Here's A Mansion You Don't Want!, p. 3
Didn't She Ratify Husband's Deal?, p. 4

May 2007 Newsletter
... Until the Cows Come Home, p. 1
No Heat or Hot Water In Estonia?, p. 2
NYC Co-Op Must Pay Tenant $100K, p. 3
How Many Stabilized Apartments Does A Gal Need?, p. 4

April 2007 Newsletter
It's Time To Play: "Who's The Tenant?", p. 1
Violating Probation Will Get You Evicted, p. 2
Lights Out? Tell Someone!, p. 3
Payback's A B*tch!, p. 4

March 2007 Newsletter
Should I Sign A Lease?, p. 1
"Attorney Advertising," Not!, p. 2
Adverse Possession: What Does It Take?, p. 3
Judges Not Sweet On Chocolate-Maker's Eviction, p. 4

February 2007 Newsletter
Where Do You Primarily Reside?, p. 1
Landlord Zonked For Same-Sex Harassment, p. 2
What's In Your Premises?, p. 3

January 2007 Newsletter
Give Me Five!, p. 1
Lucas A. Ferrara Sells Out!, p. 2
Tenant Liable for Treble Damages, p. 3
Your Lease Ends On.?, p. 4

December 2006 Newsletter
How Comfortable Was That Couch?, p. 1
Who Gets The Family Farm?, p. 2
Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets, p. 3
Animal Shelter Liable For Stolen Kisses, p. 4

November 2006 Newsletter
Condo May Limit Leasing and Sales, p. 1
What's the Difference Between "Shifting" and "Settling?", p. 2
What's the Matter of Ferrara?, p. 3
Lawyers Rated "Least Germy", p. 4

October 2006 Newsletter
Tenant Screwed?, p. 1
Letter to the Editor: Don't Let the "Bat Bugs" Bite!, p. 2
Hospitals: Where the Germs Are, p. 3
Electronically Exercising Options, p. 4

September 2006 Newsletter
Who Let the Dogs Out?, p. 1
Finkelstein Newman Honors Leecia Eve, p. 2
Letter to Editor: Adverse-Possession Protection, p. 2
Watch Your Stipulations!, p. 4

August 2006 Newsletter
When's A Guaranty, Not A Guaranty?, p. 1
Finkelstein Newman Around Town, p. 2
Adverse Possession: Debate Rages On, p. 3

July 2006 Newsletter
Invasion of the Night Crawlers!, p. 1
Have Preferential Rents Gone with the Wind?, p. 3
Landlord and Tenant Practice in New York, p. 4

June 2006 Newsletter
Getting Mowed By Adverse Possession, p. 1
Suzanne R. Albin Joins Firm, p. 2
Upcoming Seminar, p. 2
Collecting Rent From Month-to-Month Tenants, p. 3

May 2006 Newsletter
Illegal Sublets: When Family Matters, p. 1
Upcoming Seminar, p. 2
Recovering Units: School's In For Summer, p. 3

April 2006 Newsletter
Limited Liability Loophole for Condo Owners?, p. 1
Upcoming Seminars, p. 2
How to Succeed?, p. 3
Watch Your Walls: New Anti-Graffiti Laws, p. 4

March 2006 Newsletter
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Applies to Housing?, p. 1
Deciphering the Code: "Prime Tenants: 1, Subtenants: O", p. 2
Upcoming Seminar, p. 2
Subways Are Not Just For Sleeping?, p. 4

February 2006 Newsletter
Caveat Coops! Avoid Disparate Treatment of the Unmarried, p. 1
Letter to the Editor, p. 2
Upcoming Seminar, p. 2
Illegal Use Yields No Gain, p. 4

January 2006 Newsletter
Securing Security Deposits: Rights and Responsibilities, p. 1
Upcoming Seminar, p. 2
Bankruptcy Code Changes Impact L&T, p. 3

December 2005 Newsletter
Buyers Beware - No Kidding!, p. 1
Business Interruption: Are You Covered?, p. 1
Matthias Li Joins Firm, p. 2
Season's Greetings, p. 2
Upcoming Seminar, p. 2

November 2005 Newsletter
Partial Eviction Yields Partial Abatement ?, p. 1
Finkelstein Honored for 50 Years of Service, p. 1
Daniel J. Curtin, Jr. Bids Farewell, p. 2
50th Year Celebration Photographs, p. 3
The Changing Face of New York City's Rental Market, p. 9
Letter to the Editor, p. 9

October 2005 Newsletter
Eminent Domain: Public Taking, Private Good?, p. 1
Finkelstein Newman Closes $85 Million Deal!, p. 1
DHCR Proposes Code Amendments, p. 2

September 2005 Newsletter
So You've Won A Money Judgment: Now What?, p. 1
In The News: Quarterly Recap, p. 2
Seminar: October 19, 2005, p. 2

August 2005 Newsletter
Firm Secures 50% Rent Abatement And Attorneys' Fees For Tenant, p. 1
In The Spotlight: Melissa Ephron-Mandel, Esq., p. 1
Newman Chairs NYCLA Dinner, p. 2
Finkelstein Congratulates Cardinal McCarrick, p. 4

July 2005 Newsletter
Getting " Yellowstoned": Just Say ..."Yes!", p. 1
Locked-Out, But Not Out of Luck, p. 1
"Sick Building Syndrome" - You May Not Be Imagining Things, p. 3

June 2005 Newsletter
Market Update: The Expanding Real-Estate Bubble?, p. 1
What Could be More Annoying? - Nuisance!, p. 2
A Standard Clash: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?", p. 3

May 2005 Newsletter
Finkelstein Newman Closes $54.5 Million Deal, p. 1
In the News: First Quarter Recap, p. 1
Upcoming Seminars, p. 2
Down The Hall: Hallenborg-Heine LLC, p. 3
Agency Alert: New DHCR Fact Sheets, p. 4

April 2005 Newsletter
Finkelstein Newman Ranks in Top 50, p. 1
Daniel Finkelstein Marks 50th Year, p. 1
Right to Counsel in Housing Court?, p. 2
Surveillance Equipment: For Good or Evil?, p. 3
Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors, p. 4

March 2005 Newsletter
Terrorism Insurance, p. 1
Partners Fight Unauthorized Practice of Law, p. 2
Exotic Animals and Dangerous Dogs, p. 3

February 2005 Newsletter
Save on Taxes!, p. 1
L&T Insider: Interest Payments, p. 2
F&F Updated, p. 2
Seminars, p. 3
Free CLE Credits, p. 4

January 2005 Newsletter
Celebrating Women of the Bar, p. 1
In the Courts: FN Makes City Pay, p. 2
L&T Insider: "No Pet" Case, p. 3
Seminars, p. 4
In the Spotlight: Daniel J. Curtin Jr., p. 5
Current Affairs: "Broom Clean", p. 7
Subscribe!, p. 7
Pension Fund Wins Case, p. 8

December 2004 Newsletter
Free CLE, p. 1
In the Courts, p. 1
Seminars, p. 3

November 2004 Newsletter
Housing Court Reception, p. 1
In the Spotlight: Robert C. Epstein, p. 1
Seminars, p. 2
In the Courts, p. 3

October 2004 Newsletter
VIP Reception for Judges, p. 1
Teaching Traditions, p. 1
In the Courts: "Profiteering", p. 1
Attorneys in Print, p. 2
Seminars, p. 3
L&T Insider: Owner's Use, p. 4

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