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COBA Member Support for Legal Action

We, the undersigned members of the Correctional Officers Benevolent Association, Inc. (“COBA”), fully support the causes of action asserted in Romain et al., v. Seabrook et al. The actions of former COBA President Norman Seabrook, his Executive Board, and a Platinum Partners hedge fund have harmed and continue to harm the COBA General Fund (dues money), the COBA Annuity Fund, and other assets of COBA which rightfully belong to its estimated 17,700 active, promoted, and retired correction officer members. Millions of dollars belonging to members were apparently lost by union and hedge fund mismanagement and corruption. The purpose of this lawsuit is to restore my losses to the COBA Annuity Fund and General Fund for my benefit and the benefit of other members.

By signing this petition, I acknowledge:

  • My name and identifiable information may be submitted to the Court as proof of COBA membership support for this legal action;

  • My participation in this petition does not legally bind me to this matter and will not impact my rights and remedies in relation to COBA and the parties involved in this action;

  • This is NOT a retainer agreement and does NOT establish an attorney-client relationship between the law firms involved in this action and the undersigned COBA members;

  • I have read and understand the nature of this action and the claims it asserts.

Additional information regarding this matter and a copy of the complaint can be obtained by clicking here: COBA ACTION AND COMPLAINT.